April 26th to May 14th 2019 : Ocular mystery

End of studies exhibition

2019 marks the end of my Visual Arts Studies in college. After 2 years of hard work, the end of a huge adventure has come to an end. In the past 3 months and after over 100 hours, I've created this huge masterpiece.

The Universe of Identity is a realistic drawing whose universes snake together to form a single world. With this blend of popular culture that includes Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Supernatural, Harry Potter and more, this project shows the greatness of the unique imaginary world inside the artist's head.

My research methods are based largely on my childhood and on what I have loved since my beginnings in the arts. I went through my old drawings, books and photos to find the right themes for the project. I wanted to express through this artwork, my creative world that has been built over the years. I wanted to represent how my art started from a simple hobby to become something so big in my life.