About me

Meet the artist

Who Am I?

To the ones that might not know me, my name is Britany Lachance also known as brit_drawing on Instagram. I am a 22 years old French Canadian from Quebec City and I am a college graduate since May 2019 in Visual Arts.

When I was a kid, I've always been a creative kid. Drawing and doodling on everything I could find. I would create worlds in my mind with my action figures alone in my room for hours. I loved to be alone in my universe and even to this day I love that loneliness sometimes. Art has always been my friend, with my headphones on I never really needed anyone to play with or hang out with. I was drawing none stop. I am a very anxious and shy girl and drawing has always been my escape to calm myself down and breathe. With art, I can forget everything about life and focus on one thing: my drawing, which is why it is that important to me.

Since I got to the end of primary school, I've been working on my technics. Inspired by other artists, I generated my own style throughout the years. That's how I became a self-taught artist.

My Inspirations

My artwork has always been about Pop Culture. In fact, all of my childhood has been based around it. Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and more. When I got older, my movie passion turned into a huge tv shows passion such as TeenWolf, ShadowHunters, Supernatural, My Hero Academia etc. Bands and singers were the base of a lot of my artworks as well

I always loved these universes because I was able to see myself in characters and events that would happen to them. It helped me a lot in my personal life. That is what kept me inspired for years.